Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1 lead away

1) I'm at 11 leads for the Cubs contest. 1 more and I get an all expense paid trip to rooftop wrigley for a game. Yes!
2) Made the company about $35k today. 1/2 was paid with the other 1/2 getting paid when we deliver. Got a bonus off that and will get another bonus when we deliver. The company is trying to raise 2.5m so they don't have to go public next year and I will get a very very small piece of that when we help them find a lender or investor in 6 months or so.
3) Just finished my taxes. I think I did them right. We'll see. I either owe $7 or am getting back $18.
4) My t-lead mentioned that he was stepping down. Nothing official, and personally I think he was just bellyaching about doing sh!tty the last couple of weeks. He's a huge cubs fan and only has 2 leads so far. He said I'd probably get the t-lead spot, which I doubt. But I do know I am on a very, very short list (2 maybe 3) for the any t-leads that open up. This means in additional to the money I make, I would make more if my team does well.
5) Get the official word on my English Bitters from a big wig who was a born and raised in London. Let's see if passes snuff.
6) Now I kind of want a beer. Hmmmmm....


Brown Buddy said...

So...what comes after t-lead? And is it really necessary to abbreviate a word that only has one syllable in the first place? Your company is gay

Skurny said...

"Jnicho is a d-bag."

That is an appropriate abbreviation.