Saturday, April 7, 2007

1) What a first week for baseball fans. Is it just me, or does the first week of baseball season just serve as a reminder that all is right in the world? Say what you want about so-called parity in other sports...but the only fans in the country that truly have no hope at this time of the year reside squarely in Kansas City (and to a lesser extent, D.C., although both teams bost tremendous young 3rd basemen). Can any other league honestly say that with a straight face? Methinks not, my friends. Methinks not... (although it certainly is fodder for debate..)

2) I feel like Angry White Dude with my startling lack of funds recently. Takes a few months to start making bank at the new job, but once it starts, its pretty damn good. Talk about timing...girls are expensive...and I just took a 20 grand paycut ;-)

3) I'm watching Rounders right now. Remember the final scene when Teddy KGB gets beaten? Why does Grama get so angry when Mike McD wins? He's still getting paid off, right? That's why Mike was making a run at it in the first place. I can see why, being a thug for the KGB, Grama might want Mike to lose...because then he's playing into the movie-thug stereotype. But to be so upset that he throws a chair? Dude you're getting your money! Calm the fuck down!

4) So my buddy Ian is leaving town for Columbus on Monday for good. I knew him in college, but we weren't exactly best friends or anything, more like acquaintances. Then, a week after I moved to Chicago, I was walking down Southport with my friend Laura and saw Ian outside at the beer garden at Messners. We chatted for a few, made plans to watch football that weekend, and have hung out ever since. We forged a unique friendship over the past 3 years, in that I have someone to make fun of constantly, and he found two people (me and my roommate) who will keep his ego in check. We feel that we made him a better person, and in turn, we now an entire book full of "Ian quotes" (as well as Steve's priceless Ian imitation) to hold on to forever. And to think, I probably would never have known the guy had I not ran into him randomly on the street that afternoon. The point of course, is that I really need someone to constantly make fun of now that Ian is moving. Any takers?


jnicho5 said...

'Cause Grandma would rather get paid his juice.

Skurny said...

pay dat man hisk monay