Saturday, April 7, 2007

Birthday weekend

1) My wife's birthday was yesterday. Went to the Noon-O-Kabab with some of her friends and had some delicious lebonese food. I live in the lebonese capital of the tri-state area.
2) My beer taste really yummy. This palestinian guy I work with took the train back to Albany Park yesterday to get his hair cut and stopped by my place and had a "Destroyer". He said it was better than Heinekin. Whoa! I had Heineken that night with dinner, and I wouldn't go that far, but it definitely had more body, and a more robust flavor.
3) Got another sale this yesterday. Bingo! That's three in a week. The bad news is that its running next Friday. The good news is next friday is a new pay period so I've practically beaten the draw for the next 3 three weeks (I have to make $10).
4) This girl on my team made 6,500 dollars this check. One of the closers made 15k. Ridiculous.
5) Find out if the movie theatre by my place is playing Blades of Glory.
6) Starting getting things ready for my Kolsch Beer. I'm figured I did the classic "english" its now time to go to the Fatherlund and brew some tradition "german".

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