Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Time in a While

1) In response to the A-Rod query: I'm actually *gulp* a FAN of his, believe it or not. Kind of. I just hate that the a-hole Yankee fans refuse to "accept" him because he isn't a "true Yankee". What the F does that even mean? The guy offered to defer part of his ridiculous contract, willingly offered to alter his legacy as potentially the greatest SS of all time to move to third base, all in the name of winning and playing for the Yankees. And he's not a "true Yankee" yet guys like Scott Brosius and Paul O'Neill are? Both of them started and played the majority of their careers in Oakland and Cincinnati respectively. Sure, they have rings...but they also had a starting rotation that didn't include Aaron Small, Shawn Chacon and Chase Wright. Its funny how he's accepted now that he's on pace for 150 HR's. Obviously he can't continue at that torrid pace, but 50 HR's and 150 RBI are not out of the question. His swing is perfect right now, he's on top of everything, and he isn't expanding his strike zone in clutch situations. All that being said, get back to me in October...

2) Allow me to clarify some of AWM's moronic comments from this past week. Apparently the "grow some balls" comment had more to do with his distaste for American media's obvious bias for reporting (gasp!) domestic events. Now, his credibility is severely hampered by the fact that he's never picked up a newspaper in his life...but thats beside the point. Oh by the way, AWM, I checked out cnn.com this morning and the cover story was the suicide bombing in Baghdad. An international news story. But of course noting that would be contrary to your point...whatever that was suppose to be...so I can completely understand the convenience in leaving that out. Grow a brain.

3) Andruw Jones just turned 30. Curious as to how his career compares to others before the age of 30? I was...and wouldn't you know it? He may have the 5th best career all-time before the age of 30, maybe even 2nd or 3rd if you factor in defense. Now, will his career go the way of Griffey/Juan Gonzalez? Or Bonds/Luis Gonzalez?

4) First round of the NHL Playoffs was fantastic. I haven't heard this much buzz about hockey in years. I was out to lunch last week and heard two girls discussing Calgary's inept penalty killing unit, and the next day I overheard two businessmen talking about Minnesota's chances against Anaheim. I'd have to say that I'm definitely looking forward to the Sabres/Rangers matchup. Briere! Lundqvist! Its the NHL on NBC!!!

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