Friday, April 13, 2007


1) Skurny - I wrote "next". J.O.B. jumped the gun and Brown Buddy followed along happily.
2) J.O.B. - Part German? You can taste part of a beer. Kidding. But I really do want a born and raised kraut to try my next beer. It'll be a Kolsch and I'd like to get that person's opinion. I might go to Lincoln Square.
3) Talked to Mo today. How random is that? We talked about exiting the company. Which I thought was ironic since I talked to business owners all day about exiting their company. Let me tell you Mo doesn't have a good strategy in place.
4) The 20m gig the company landed this week ended up in the wall street journal. Kind of cool. It was classified as a "rarity" in which an M&A group gets two leads that so closely align with one another. Almost identical cultures, infrastructures, and business plans and one was looking to sell while the other was looking to buy. Most of the time a buyer and a seller comes from two different Capital Market sources.

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