Monday, April 16, 2007

Marcus Vick Seems Saintly Now -- by J.O.B.

1) The tragedy that has befallen the students at Virginia Tech is terrible for sure. I'd love to make some great jokes about it, but 33 people are preventably dead. My prayers go out to the students and families directly affected by this.

2) Sadly enough, every TV news program is seeking someone to blame other than the killer(s.) Seemingly every channel is talking of the school handling the problem poorly when it comes to informing students and finding it weird that someone could shoot someone in one building and walk half a mile to another. One, when a shooting occurs, who expects the shooter to stick around. Two, why does it seem so difficult to grasp how someone could shoot people in one location and travel across campus to continue? Is it inconceivable that the shooter put the gun (or guns) away to make his walk?

3) Of course, this also gets everyone out of the woodwork to argue against everything from violent video games to gun laws. We have no idea why the culprit in this issue did what they did, but my guess is that video games didn't make this happen and I'll bet odds that the gun or guns used were not obtained legally. Just putting that out there now.

4) Side question: I've long theorized that someone has to be bi-polar to commit suicide. I think it's necessary to commit murder in cold blood also. Any opinions from the group or our loyal reader(s - yeah right, I need an 's' there.) If so, isn't every cold-blooded murder reason for a plea of at least temporary insanity?

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