Monday, April 16, 2007

My take

1. Couldn't agree more with J.O.B. on this one: The media needs to stop trying to find someone else to blame this on. In the news conference earlier, the Press asked why there wasn't a better way of alerting all the students. Well, all is 26,000 (only 9,000 of which live on campus) and they did send out email, left notices on voicemails, radio and tv. It took Bush 10 minutes to do anything about 5 and a half years ago...

2. It’s an absolute tragedy. My thoughts go out to the VA Tech family and especially to those of the deceased.

3. Everybody ready for a good ol’ News battle for “breaking” “journalism”?
Fox: It was hippies.
CNN: It was right winged Fascists.
MSNBC: It was Don Imus, that’s why we fired him.
CBS: Katie Couric is our Nighttime News Anchor?
ABC: Watch Dancing With the Stars!

4. In all seriousness:
This story will definitely dominate the news until an absolute resolution is realized. This is going to be a major reality check at every college, whether it’s a community college or an Ivy League School (maybe even an online university). This will be looked at as one of the major stories in 2007, no matter what happens in Iraq, Iran, North Korea or Afghanistan. And maybe it should be.

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Brown Buddy said...

its like Chris Rock once said... "I aint afraid of Al Quada, I'm afraid of Al Cracka!"