Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Texan Goals...YEEE HAWW

1. Badass:

2. So Michigan was a great time last weekend...few beers, few laughs, good people...almost makes me want to move home, then again, I think there are three open jobs in Michigan right now and two of them are volunteer positions.

3. I've been to Texas now four times and each time it gets weirder. Right now I'm about 20 miles from Oklahoma and let me tell you, these cats are some serious Local Yokuls. I think Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokul actually works at the facility where I am.

4. So I watched the first 40 minutes or so of TMNT online the other day....I must say, it's terrible. I turned it off...it's really disappointing. I didn't expect much with the CGI and everything, but there weren't even many good references to the cartoon or any "adult" jokes. They cram April, Casey, Splinter and all 4 Turtles into the first 10 minutes AND reveal what happened to Shredder. Don't waste your time, gents.

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