Wednesday, April 4, 2007


1) Brown Buddy, no meeting tomorrow. I've got family in town. We'll try again next month. Or just quit being a pussy and go. That's what I did my first time. They're very warm and receptive. Just go to Goose Island off the the North and Clyborn stop and ask the bartender where the homebrewers are meeting. They usually start the tastings between 7:30 and 8. They'll be about 15 homebrewers around the bar and one of them will probably hear you ask and will buddy up to you.
2) Got a sale today. I'm averaging about 1 sale for every 5 leads and I'm writing about 6 or 7 a week. The pay period goes to next Thursday so I got plenty of time to get another one.
3) Wrote a lead today too. Well on pace for the cubbies next month.
4) Anybody see J.O.B?


Skurny said...

Did J.O.B. start another job? He's probably in training

Brown Buddy said...

Guess you won't see me naked tomorrow