Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This Is Your Brain On Keith Richards' Dad

1) I said it before I'll say it again: B-Mac is The Face of The Franchise. Game tying 2-run HR in the 9th tonight. He's sick. The next Johnny Bench? Thats pushing it. The next Piazza? Not enough power. He's Ivan Rodriguez with less defense and better offense. 'Nuff said

2) Ok, highlight of my year was tonight. Trivia Night at Joe's on Weed St. 23 Teams. 6 Rounds. One winner. Categories include: history, TV, movies, sports & leisure, and music. We freaking tied for first, and lost in the lightning round. Among the questions we missed during the 5 rounds: NORTHWESTERN, NOT PENN STATE has never received an NCAA tourney bid from the Big Ten!!! And it was Bono, NOT PHIL FUCKING COLLINS that sang the lyric "tonight thank god its them instead of you" from "Do They Know its Christmas." But we were the only team to get this question right: who was the only recording artist since the Beatles to have 3 consecutive number one hits in 2003? The answer? You'll never get it...but we did :)

3) AWM has an interview tomorrow morning. We had to coach him on it, and of course he acted like he was "better than the process". The guy that interviewed today, incidentally, acted "better than the process" and he was dismissed immediately.

4) Tonight's number four comes straight from Susan Bishop, a good friend and former coworker at AIU:

Hope everyone is doing well! As I've probably told most of you, my little brother and his hockey team have made the NCAA Frozen Four hockey tournament again this year. It's extra exciting this year b/c the tournament is being held in St. Louis. I'm pretty sure half the University of Maine fans will be related to or friends of my brother!

The semifinal game is tomorrow (April 5) on ESPN2 at 3:00pm CST. If they win then the championship game is on Saturday at 6pm CST on ESPN. It's really fun to watch since my brother is the goalie and they like to talk about him :)

Since most of you know my brother (or have heard me talk about him) I thought you would like to know!

Go Maine!



Skurny said...

The Frozen Four is excellent, even though Michigan shat the bed again this year. I'll be watching

Brown Buddy said...

Miami also shat themselves...although the screwjob by the refs was reminiscent of Survivor Series '97