Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The where are you goals

1) Apparently all of you died, except Brown Buddy. I assume it was the NCAA tourney that killed you. Once again, buckeyes can go fuck themselves.
2) I'm drinking one of my beers right now. Its delicious. Although it still needs time to age.
3) I dropped in 5 today. I'm a monster. 2 stuck for later this week. They'll be confirmed tomorrow and Thursday. We'll see.
4) My whole family is moving to chicago. Even the ones with felonies. Look out chicago.
5) Had dinner last night with my ultra-christian cousin last night. Now, not-so ultra Christian. Apparently living in the city has made her a bit more liberal. She's now about as Christian as J.O.B or any other evangelical. I found out she works kiddie-corner to me in the Starbucks as a barrista. Two words: Frappociano hook-up.
6) They let us go at 4:30 today. Why? We did our job. If we would've done it by two they would've let us go at two. Should be this way tomorrow and Thursday. Let's get it done!

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