Monday, April 2, 2007


1) Brown Buddy: Do you want to go to a homebrewers tasting on Thursday? I'm bringing a couple bottles of my beer and would love to get your opinion. We can meet after work and then take a train or a bus up that way. First timers get to try the hombrews for free.
2) Got a lead today. We'll see if it goes to sale tomorrow. Plus I got some stuff in the pipe for tomorrow that's either blow or go. Hopefully something sticks.
3) Went to the Ethiopian Diamond today. Hadn't been there in 8 years. My palate has matured so much, because before the food was hot and mushy. Today it was complex and devine.
4) Florida wins again. Was this the second year in a row they went into the finals as dogs and then completely dominated? Hey, as long as OSU lost. Buckeyes can go fuck themselves.


Brown Buddy said...

Absolutely I'm down...I've been wanting to go to that. I don't think I have anything else going on that night, but I'll double check

Skurny said...

Jnicho better put out