Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to Work Goals

1. This may be of no interest to anyone other than BB, but to hell with the rest of you...

Modest Mouse show from Philly earlier in May, they sound real good...enjoy

2. Yes, LeBron finally looked like he cared Sunday night suprise! Cleveland won! Anyway, I'm not too worried, although the Pistons could have stolen that game.

3. In a Mike "I may or may not actually be a quarterback but one thing's for sure: I love dogfighting" Vick Update: Did you guys see the Outside the Lines Story where the guy is like "Vick is a POWERHOUSE in Dog fighting." Apparently it's true, he's the Tom Brady of Dog Fighting. Too bad there's no proof, because if it's true, he should pay, that shit is sick. I think his punishment is to go 5 rounds with Liddell or that guy who kicked his ass this weekend.

4. I know all of you fellow tennis fans are as excited about the French Open kicking off as I am. Especially AWM, who loves the French! Can Federer beat Nadal on clay twice in three weeks? No. Can an Argentine finally make it to the top? Possibly. Will Roddick make it past 3rd round? Doubtful. Live updates and all the tennis you can handle right here.

5. Finally, the newly patented "Turkish Mustache Grab":


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Skurny said...

Looks like I was already correct:

Roddick was bounced today, in Round 1...Americans can't play on the dirt. What a letdown, he was a joke as a 3 seed anyway.