Tuesday, May 8, 2007

B's And The P's -- by J.O.B.

1) My frickin' squad lost got blown out Saturday right in front of my very own live eyes. I was very mad and then was reminded that I was hanging out in the nicest suite in the Palace. Cherry wood, marble, 3 plasma TV's - seriously, I saw shots of where Joe Dumars sits ... what the heck is he thinking?

2) My buddy and I managed to maintain a staunch pro-Bulls attitude even after defeat at The Post across the street. Most Detroit fans were respectful and said the series wasn't over. Of course there were a few morons geniouses that declared the Pistons would sweep.

3) The things that have cost the Bulls in this series is not a lack of talent, but a lack of height. Webber - 6'10", Wallace - 6'10", Prince - 6'9", Hamilton - 6'7", Billups - 6'4" vs. Wallace - 6'8", Brown - 6'9", Deng - 6'7", Gordon - 6'2" and Hinrich - 6'2". The Pistons are taller and way more athletic than the Heat. Every player at any level has "sweet spots" - places on the floor they really prefer to shoot from. Donn Nelson buried the Mavs by knowing and keeping them away from theirs. The Pistons are doing that here. Bulls shooters are taking shots from very abnormal spots for them. Combine that with poor offensive rebounding and too many athletes to hide Ben Gordon and you've got a problem. Webber, Hamilton, and Billups each missed games against the Bulls this year during the season. Not this series. Yeah, Detroit has simply held serve, but they did it by serving aces.

4) However, I'm hoping the Bulls pull of at least one win, if not two in Chicago. Why? Because I'm angling for a game 5 and potential game 7 invite out to Detroit WHEN the series goes back there.

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