Tuesday, May 8, 2007


1. It was good seeing BB this weekend, albeit hazy...Just to preface, I was hanging out with my three best friends from Semester at Sea (or Boat College, if that fits you) and we only get together about twice a year...plus, we had just come from the Air concert (which was excellent), which we obviously pregamed for at my friend's apartment and then at the Hopleaf, which never disappoints. Anyway, good seeing BB, sorry I couldn't meet up with anyone else...Thanks for the birthday drink, sir. My friends say "You're welcome" for being the entertainment.

2. I don't want to gloat or get ahead of myself, but I TOLD YOU SO about the Pistons. The Bulls looked lost in Game 1, and remotely lost in Game 2. Two dominating performances by the Pistons, who never trailed in last night's destruction. The series isn't over yet but guess what: you can't stop our guards or our bench. The Pistons, with Webber, Sheed, Maxiell, Davis and McDyess are too deep, experienced for the Baby Bulls. Next year might be a different story, but the Pistons are looking a lot like a certain 2004 Pistons team that won it all...

3. One of the employees at my site (and I don't want to say "my" employee because I'm acting as one of the "Bob's" here) was arrested for making meth last night, then tried to run...needless to say, he was caught and is being held on $50,000 Bail. I know what this guy makes, and trust me when I tell you he definately doesn't have $50,000 laying around from here...what a job.

4. Just a reminder that Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday. Just so you know, I planning on telling your Mom Happy Mother's Day on Saturday night.


Brown Buddy said...

I'm going out on a limb and saying the chances are slightly better than zero that the meth guy's last name is "Naugle"

And your friend was quite entertaining. Allow me to recap a "conversation" I had with him:

Me: "What is it about the Misfits anyway? Do you think they write songs about killing babies in an attempt at being ironic? Or do they really want to kill babies?"

Dude: *long pause, followed by blank stare*, "What?"

Skurny said...

Dude's last sentence of the night was (giggling uncontrolably): "Oh man...I cannot wait until tomorrow so I can make fun of myself for being an idiot."

It was that kind of weekend.