Monday, May 14, 2007


I'm going to make this quick because I have the house to myself and I'm getting ready to watch departed on my (my roommates) 52 inch LCD, 1080 I P EO go fuck yourself.. It's an awesome TV :)

1) I finally got to watch The Prestige the other night and I'd really like to hear what you guys thought of it. Eh, well I can't say I recommend it to anyone but Bobby. It doesn't seem to be a movie the rest of you would like... but then again I can be wrong at times... sometimes all the time. Is this me talking or is it someone else? God, I wish I knew. You know what, you all should watch it and yes, I said "you all."

Back to The Prestige, it reminds me of The Fountain quite a bit and not jsut because Huge Jackman stars in it. You have to keep your mind open the whole time... er, let me rephrase that. And I would almost call this a flaw but... It seems as though you are always trying to figure out what is going to happen next and what just happened instead of being able to get caught up in the movie. Definitely one to watch a second and third time. It's hard to categorize... Not a drama, not suspense... I guess it's every catergory in one. It's by Chris Nolan, the same guy who did Memento which I would like to add is absolutely amazing. Maybe it was those damn foreign accents but I thought this movie was much more difficult to follow that Memento if you says anything about the movie.

Notice how I just wrote 3 paragraphs and accomplished nothing? Yeah, sounds like the story of my life but in my life I wouldn't do any writing... especially 3 paragraphs. wtf is going on? Or maybe it was two paragraphs.


Skurny said...

I'm fairly sure we've discussed The Prestige before but I'll echo your thoughts (for once and unbelievably), AWM.

Prestige is an excellent movie, and yes, now I know we've discussed it before, my friend "Gumby" as I'll call him here, is a world class magician and even HE loved the movie, saying that the tricks performed are historically accurate for the time the movie took place...glad to hear you liked it.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

One of my favs from last year for sure. Unlike a movie like Usual Suspects or Fight Club, the first time you see Prestige, you're expecting a swerve ending - hence you do look for clues throughout. I guess some people can multi-task and some can't. When you find this Bobby guy, tell him I recommend it also.

AngryWhiteMan said...

I know you guys have mentioned it but I'm pretty wierd about reading anything about movies I am going to see. I refuse to watch previews for movies that are coming out a year from now if I know I'm going to watch it. I love being totally suprised.

I have to wake up early but I want to give my two cents on this movie soon.

Skurny said...

I'm the same way, AWM although I do usually watch trailers, I try not to read anything about movies that I know I'll see...

Did anyonelike "Insomnia"? It didn't get great reviews but I thought it was pretty good, it was Nolan's follow up to "Momento". I watched it recently and the paranoia theme is very well done.

AngryWhiteMan said...

Dude, I had no clue he did Insomnia. It was actually marketed a lot better than Memento was. I guess it takes a great movie before anyone gets recognized. But yeah, that movie was pretty good. I haven't seen it since it was released so my memory of it is a little hazy but I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the group.