Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm making this quick because I'm tired.

* Well, I don't know if you guys were aware but Hardy quit last week. He's leaving for Houston by next week in case you guys care. Mark and "The one I don't speak of" would hardly even recognize the team anymore; everybody is gone. Bobby and Andy, you guys have been gone way to long to even count.

* gay gay gay gay people suck. No really. So I'm nice to the gay dude at work one damn day and now he hits on me all the time. wtf? This is what i get for accepting the fact that gays are human. I made it perfectly clear that I don't like dudes but hey, what do ya know. Doesn't matter!!! Isn't that some stupid shit? But if I don't be cool with them, I am just a dumb hillbilly who can't accept change. I can't fucking win.

* I started to watch The Return last night until I realized Sarah Michelle Gellar was teh main character and then me and the chicky decided to turn it off. Funny huh? She sucks... Then we brought up something I'm sure you all remember. You guys remember teh original Buffy from the movie. Now that girl looked good... and wow, was I disappointed when they brought in SMG for the series. Is it coincidence taht I talk about chicks right after I bring up the comment about the gay at work? dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnn.

* So I became a Bulls fan again two days ago. And after tonight, I'm not a fan. gay

***After writing goals, I looked up the old Buffy and it's actually Kristy Swansen. Who the fuck knew... but anyways, she looks like, um, well........ not good anymore. But she was hot at the time, right?***

****** Also, I watched The Departed the other night and want to comment about that soon. Even though I like The Departed better, I'm still fascinated by The Prestige.********

******************And after I took out The Return, I watched the begining but fell asleep to Thank You for Smoking. OMG, this movie was really cool. Damn you Mr. Sandman!!!!!!!!********************


I think Bobby can go two rounds with Vandalia(Too tired to look up the spelling) Silva Anyone wanna take taht bet?


Brown Buddy said...

Just because he's gay and happens to be nice to you, that doesn't mean he's hitting on you. How exactly is he hitting on you? Is he asking you to dinner? Or is he trying to grab your junk? I'm curious...

Seriously, its probably all in your head. A gay dude is social with you, and it makes you uncomfortable. It doesn't make you a bad person...slightly ignorant, possibly...but not bad.

AngryWhiteMan said...

He calls me "pretty person" all the time!

He was talking to a girl the other day and said something along the lines of "I'm just waiting for this one." and looked me up and down. And has made at least one other comment along those lines.

While this may be flatering for some guys, I just would rather not have it happen. BB, you're just jealous because gay dudes don't want you.

I really hope he's just joking with me because he can tell I'm a little homophobic.

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

If that's what he's saying, I have to side with AWM on this one. To me it's akin to having a fug chick hit on you when you told her you don't do fug chicks. Hey fug chick, stop waiting on me - it ain't happening.

In other news, if AWM actually read the other goals here, he'd remember that I commented on running into Hardy, Olivia, Stan and others at B-Dubs a few weeks back. Dumb hillbilly.

Who knew it was Kristy Swanson? Um, I guess anybody who saw The Chase, like me. Thank You For Smoking is actually really good and I think Aaron Eckhardt doesn't get his due.

Paulina said...

You write very well.