Thursday, May 31, 2007

Greatest hurl ever Goals

1) I drank too much this weekend playing beer pong. The next day I was a little hung over and woozy. But I ate breakfast and was fine so I figured my stomach wasn't going to be a problem. I ate a shwarma for lunch (which is like an gyro but more arabic). By the time I got home I hurled. I know it wasn't the food 'cause my uncle and wife ordered the same thing.

2) Here's the cool part. I threw up the schwarma whole. How that happened I don't know. But it was a solid partially digested lump of gray that matched the muscular contractions of my esophogus while it was being choked out.

3) I then proceeded to throw up 3 more times in the next hour. The last thing to come out was breakfast. That was pretty violent and it took all I had to toss that up.

4) Then I had a shot of triple sec. I remember thinking "what the hell am i about to do?" and drank it. I was fine after that. An hour later I ate a huge fajita filled with guac, beans and chicken. I then proceeded to eat 4 shrimp tacos with sour cream.

And there you have it. My barf story from this weekend.

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