Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh Yeah I forgot

5) Reason # 37 why I love my job.

Boss comes to me and three other guys and pulls us aside.

He says, "So I've come up with the greatest contest in the world this afternoon. If any of you four write a lead between now and the time I leave I'll buy the four of you a shot across the street. So write a lead and come see me. Then I'll give you money and you guys go take a break and have a shot on me. Sound good?"

I wrote a lead a 1/2 hour later. Someone else wrote one and hour after we got back. My boss joined us for the second one. He said, "I hope you realize you have the coolest fuckin' boss in the whole world."

No doubt.


Juli said...

haha. good deal

jnicho5 said...

Is this J-Lu Julie or another julie?