Sunday, May 6, 2007

One of "Those" Weekends

1) Friday morning: After a brutal week (and even more brutal last weekend) dealing with girl-drama, former roommate BS, and other atrocities, I decided that this weekend I should just get out of the city for a couple of days. So I made the decision to rent a car, without even knowing where I was going. I called friends in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus and left them all messages that I would likely be in town that weekend. After everyone responded with something along the lines of "that's great, but its kind of a bad weekend for me, etc" I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to stay in town. Best decision ever.

2) Skurny made an appearance on Friday night!! And boy was that interesting. It was as if he stepped off the set of Cheech and Chong

3) JP Ricciardi is a piece of shit. He lied about BJ Ryan's elbow injury in spring training. This was simply awesome for my fantasy team, as I spent a 5th round pick on Ryan, thinking he was completely healthy. Luckily I drafted Roger Clemens in one of the last rounds...who, in case you spent all day in a cave, is BAAAACK. Anyone else find it odd that plays 2/3 of a season every year? I thought I read somewhere that they do most of the roid testing in spring training and April...coincidence?

4) Ok, I think we can all agree that Paris Hilton is a worthless scumbag who is undeserving of fame and generally deserves anything harmful that comes her way. Now that we've firmly established that universal fact, can I suggest the possibility that it might be slightly unfair for one celeb to alone be made an example of, while other celebs, who may be more or less detestable, can do the same thing and not get jail time? I mean, say what you want about her, but she's no different than Jerramy Stevens, Rafael Furcal, Nicole Ritchie, Mel Gibson, etc. etc. And none of those people did jail time (though I suppose Stevens could, conceivably).


Skurny said...

I can neither confirm nor deny most of what happened on Friday night.

Thank you for your time.

Brown Buddy said...

you did a car bomb and swallowed the shot glass...