Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reunion Update

1) J.O.B. ran into the O factor today and told her about it. She text me. Looks like she might be coming too.
2) Plan on being at the Goose Island in Old Town sometime between 7 and 8. Sh!t get's started between 7:30 and 8. I'll be there around this time. Ask the bartender where the Chicago Beer Society is meeting.
3) I know the event is free for first timers, but I think it would be polite if B.B. and J.O.B. went in on a half pitcher of Goose Island beer that they could offer people that are offering them beer. Like showing up to a party with a bottle of wine. O and her friend too if they show up.
4) I also recommend getting a bite to eat before the event. You sample beer from these little cups, but some of these things are 6-9% and you'd be amazed at how messed up you can get on an empty stomach.
5) Call me if you have any questions. Plenty of parking at the Goose for you drivers.

1 comment:

Skurny said...

Nicho: you are an idiot. Please see Goal #4.