Friday, May 18, 2007

This was great...

So I almost got Angry White Dude fired today! Long story, but here goes....

So apparently a former coworker whom will call Bob sent an email out to his team, making up a story about how he enrolled a kid from Missouri with 6 toes that had no family, and school was the only thing he had in his life. He went on to talk about how it was "inspirational" and "uplifting" and how he "changed his life." Basically it was a bunch of BS, and since I know Bob pretty well, I knew he was making this all up. Unfortunately, our former boss, we'll call her "Jill", thought it was serious, and sent the email to her entire team, as some artificial form of motivation. AWM made me aware of this, which prompted me to send "Jill" an ill advised, anonymous email...something along the lines of "Bob made all that up, you fucking moron. PS: Everyone quits your team because they hate you"

Well...she got IT involved, called AWM into her office, basically flipped out. But the funny thing? She tells AWM: "this sounds like something Brown Buddy would do"


So I bet AWM got put on another final written warning...because of me being an asshole!! HAHA!


Skurny said...

That's outstanding.

AngryWhiteMan said...

Tell the whole story. Dude, this story was the biggest crock of shit I've heard. It was something straight out of what I would make into a goal. By the second sentence I was thinking to myself...why would "Jill" send this out to the team? It was obviously BS. I assumed she realized the joke so I called a girl on "Bob's" team wondering why the hell she sent it to us. Anyways... I'm bored with this story or maybe it's just my ADHD.

BTW, I didn't inform you of this. The other girl did but somehow I get wrapped up in this shit and I end up getting the normal one on one talk I always have with her. I really have about two of them a day. No lie.

I'll post the email tomorrow.

Brown Buddy said...

You're right, it was the girl on "Bob's" team...we'll call her "Tanya"...that told me about it. I just said it was you for simplicity.

I later sent another email saying "by the way your hair looks great today! Whoever did it did a great job! and by "great job" i mean "were they drunk?"