Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Got Hit By a Truck

1) Had my first roller hockey game tonight. A free agent team of castoffs and has beens played decent enough, but still lost 8-6. I had 2 goals and 2 assists, in my first competitive hockey game in 3 years. We dominated the first half, but played sluggish the second. I asked our team, "what the hell did you all do all winter? Eat Krispy Kremes and smoke cigarettes?" We were dragging ass... Luckily, we're guaranteed a playoff spot no matter what. Boy am I going to feel it tomorrow though...I'm already in a shitload of pain.

2) Finally saw The Prestige last night. Liked it...but the ending wasn't as much of a twist as you guys made it out to be (or at least from what I remember you guys making it out to be). I saw it coming. But entertaining nonetheless. Chris Nolan is a great storyteller. And ScarJo...gah...

3) Terence Moore of the AJC has a great idea about who should replace Andruw next year in center. I can't believe I didn't think of it makes way too much sense.

4) J.O.B- nicely done on the comment on Skurny's post. You did your homework for sure. You said, "Sadly enough, Pedro had the injury blip in 2001, where he was still 7-3 in 18 starts. Bracketed around that year is 17-8, 19-7, 23-4, 18-6, 20-4, and 14-4". Good point. But that injury "blip" you speak of is precisely what keeps him out of the discussion of being the greatest pitcher of our generation, in my opinion. Clemens and Maddux never got hurt, and never missed starts. That's actually become such a valued part of a pitcher's repetoire, that a guy who can make 35 starts (even if they aren't necessarily an effective 35 starts) can get 21 million in the offseason (Jason Marquis anyone?). I do agree that if Clemens and Maddux are 1a and 1b for greatest pitchers of the last 20 years, then Pedro is 1c, and Randy Johnson, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Curt Schilling, Mike Mussina, Kevin Brown and (surprise!) David Cone round out the top 10. (I'm sure Skurny will have something to say about that one...Frank Tanana anyone?? Jack Morris? Bill Gullickson??)

In all fairness, I don't think I was selling Pedro short when I said he had the best 2 year stretch ever. Think about the competition on that one. Koufax, Maddux, Lefty Grove, he bested all of them. In fact, his '00 season may be the single greatest season of any player, pitcher or otherwise, of all time (and for those of you scoring at home, that would be Ivan Rodriguez that took home the MVP that year....freakin' joke).


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I guess you can say Clemens never missed a start, but I don't know what you'd call the last three years of mercenary pitching.

Also, I remember hearing that it's a pretty well known fact that baseball does almost all of it's drug testing early in the season (maybe spring training) which is a potential reason why Clemens doesn't start seasons anymore until they're over 1/3rd over.

In the end though, I'd probably say between Clemens, Maddux and Martinez I'd have to label Clemens my number 1. Why? Starting pitchers get paid for innings pitched and wins. Maddux has averaged more than 6 innings a start only 2 times in the last 12 or 13 years and Pedro, as good as he has been, has had some naggin injuries. Despite skipping the early part of the year Clemens never gets injured and is edging closer to 360 wins - I don't think Maddux will catch him.

I'd go Maddux two simply for his consistency and his effectiveness. I see a lot of Greg Maddux in a guy like Mark Buehrle - doesn't waste time, isn't going to necessarily overpower, but is probably smarter than you are.

I love Pedro and wish I could grade him higher. I take him over either guy if it's game 7, but just can't for an everyday selection.

Skurny said...

Tanana is the man (best junkballer ever)and Morris had a Hall of Fame Mustache!

Brown Buddy said...

Yeah, I've heard that aboot Clemens before. My favorite theory is that he actually WAS suspended for steroid use, but Selig never made it public...and thats why he debuted in Houston last year after their 51st game (1st offense is 50 games)

and Jack Morris did have a HOF fact, the '91 twins had a mustache all star team between Morris, Mike Pagliarulo, Rick Aguilera and Dan Gladden

Skurny said...

My room in Michigan still has a Jack Morris poster on the wall from '88 or something...

Excellent Danny Gladden mention as well