Monday, June 11, 2007

Goal in the Hole

1) My job spent almost 5grand to send almost 20 of us to the Get Motiviated seminar at the All State Arena today. Zig Zagler, Forbes, etc... It was okay. But I think this might be the first job I've worked that footed the bill for something like that. Next month they're footing the bill for 3 of us to go to training with all of the regional directors. Kind of a big deal. I probably won't get to go... Which is good, 'cause I enjoy my marriage.
2) I saw Young Frankenstein last night. Written and starring Gene Wylder and directed by Mel Brooks. Bar none the funniest Brooks movie ever. Beats the hell out of History of the World and Blazing Saddles. Marty Feldman made that movie and Terri Garr was classic beautiful.
3) My beer is fermenting. The fermentation lock bubbles every 3 seconds. That's pretty much at its peak.
4) Speaking of beer. If you're ever out in seattle go here. For $1 you get a tour and 5 5.5oz tastings of beer. No f'n joke. Bring a friend or loved one who doesn't like beer. More beer for you.

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Skurny said...

I have been to the Red Hook Brewery, as a matter of fact....August 2003, and they give you basically as much beeeer as you can drink in 30 minutes, or at least then they did...great beer, nice people, I also recommend!