Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Fools! -- By J.O.B.

1) Oh Mike Brown ... how do you take your only hope out of the game with your team down 8 to a juggernaut in the first quarter? I don't care if he has 2 fouls - let him pick up his third and I still wouldn't sit him. Has he looked at the rest of the team he has? By the way, can we stop calling Daniel Gibson "Boobie?" This dude was "Daniel" all year long and then all of a sudden he goes 5-5 in game 6 against Detroit and they start calling him "Boobie." Sorry, not buying it.

2) Got to see Buehrle pick up win #100 yesterday live and in person. Wow. U.S. Cellular Comiskey Block 35 Park Field is quiet as a churchmouse these days. I mean, in 2003 they only drew 15,000 but they were a loud 15,000. You can tell that Sox fans are like, WTF?

3) Speaking of baseball, statboy (BB): Any guesses as to why have the league's hitters seem like they can't hit their weight anymore? When was the last season where so many players who were decent to good last year were hitting 50 points or so below their previous years average? From your boy A. Jones in Atlanta to half the Sox line-up and so on.

4) AWM, the cost of credit repair varies. Many times you can dispute your credit successfully for free. If you search around the web a bit, you'll find the right letters that will give you results. It takes determination, but it's better than paying money. Or, go to that site I mentioned and register for the forums. They answer a lot of questions like that there.


Brown Buddy said...

Its funny, I actually noticed that too (only because most of those guys are on my fantasy team, IE Andruw, Ryan Howard, etc.)

I think its just a statistical anamoly, but it could be a testament to all the good young pitching out there right now.

I'm sure the steroid ban might have something to do with it as well...but I could be wrong

AngryWhiteMan said...

Thanks JOB. I just didn't want to get all the spam email and phone calls.

Knocked Up is overrated!

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

BB: It's crazy - I'm at the Sox game on Sunday and it's just a list of guys hitting 50 points or so below their norm. Konerko, Dye, Uribe for the Sox; Biggio, Ensberg, Lamb and Berkman for the 'Stros. Sheffield is 20 points of his usual. Guys who are hitting their usual average aren't hitting homeruns. Soriano needed 3 on Friday just to reach 10. Manny is still at 8!

AWM: that site is about as reputable as I've seen - in their forum they have a complaint section with a remarkable track record of solving people's issues and making the customer happy.