Thursday, June 7, 2007

Survived Kentucky -- by J.O.B.

1) Made it through a full weekend in Kentucky. Saw a wedding by a creek, went to the Liquor Barn and almost died on roads that literally do nothing but turn.

2) Saw "Knocked Up" earlier tonight and I must say it is one of the most complete comedies I've ever seen. Apatow was totally on his game on this one. Usually for comedies to work, the viewer has to usually submit themselves to living with complete implausibilities so "the joke" works. In Wedding Crashers it was buying into Vaughn and Wilson being able to pull off faking their pedigree. In Billy Madison it was buying into Sandler's character even being allowed on the professional tour. Well, the only thing close to an implausible premise in this movie is that Seth Rogan could actually tag Katherine Heigl, but even the set-up of her having a low enough self-esteem to give it up to Rogan is done properly. Mrs. J.O.B. tends to courtesy laugh at a lot of humor in comedies involving the "Frat Pack" and extended "Frat Pack" members, but tonight she was laughing loud enough out loud that she would have garnered stares, if it wasn't for everyone else laughing so hard. You know it's good when wifey says, "we're buying this when it comes out on DVD."

What's to spoil? Rogan's character meets Heigl's at a bar, they have a one-night stand and she gets pregnant. She's definitely a 10 with a career and he's a fading-4 at best, who smokes weed with friends even more immature than him. Obviously if she didn't keep the baby, there'd be no movie, so you know where this is going. Can she lower herself, or can he raise himself to a level where they can get along? The jokes that run throughout the movie are hilarious and the performances from the supporting cast are great. Harold Ramis makes a great cameo, as does Joanna Kerns (definitely Cougar/Milfy hot, still.) The fat kid from Accepted is going to have a great career playing that guy (he's actually in another movie this summer playing that guy,) and Paul Rudd flat out kills. This movie isn't going to get listed with the blockbusters, but you're an idiot if you skip it.

3) We are less than a month away from Transformers. If it goes IMAX my head will probably explode. In the meantime, I've got a new Fantastic Four, Die Harder Than Ever, Oceans 13, 1408, and Evan Almighty. Alright, I'll probably skip Evan Almighty, but I still haven't seen 28 Weeks Later either. The only office perk I care about: we get to buy discount movie tickets.

4) Tip of the day: Does your credit suck, or is it maybe just a little lower than you'd like it to be? Obviously you want to try and clear up negative crap, but one thing that most people don't know about is that if someone puts your name on their account in good standing, it shows on your credit and your score goes up. It's called piggybacking and it's perfectly legal. The person with the good credit can simply elect not to issue you a card in your name and therefore you just get the benefit of the good account reporting. Many companies do this but the best company I've found for this is Instant Credit Builders (you can look them up by combining their title into one word and adding dot com.) Their success has been reported on Yahoo news and they have a wonderful track record. Increases of anywhere from 20-200+ points is possible depending on how many trade lines you buy into. For what you're able to do after accomplishing this, the cost is actually pretty reasonable too, and they offer payment plans in some situations. Use them, don't use them, I don't care, but I've just started the process with them and they've been great.


AngryWhiteMan said...

I was just talking to somebody about repairing my credit yesterday and they were talking about spending $200-400. Is that about right? I don't know if I can do 400 right now.

My sis F'd up my credit a couple years back and I'm just looking to get it back up about 50 points or so. Do you have any idea as to how much that would cost? Go gay or don't go at all.

AngryWhiteMan said...

I really want to see 28 weeks later....or I really did. I've heard from too many people that storyline sucks and it's just pointless zombie killing. Also, the zombies don't eat people anymore. They beat them up! This really disappointed me but if you see it, let me know if it's good.