Friday, June 8, 2007


1) Wrote the most beautiful lead ever and it went to sale putting almost a grand in my pocket. 13 million dollar company looking to raise 12m for 3 acquisitions. The client had the money in hand but it fell through in the 11th hour. If this thing goes all the way it would be 4 transaction fees that I would get a bonus on, and that would be this year. He's looking to do 25m next year over 4 or 5 transactions. We'll find out Tuesday or Wednesday if he engages us for the job.
2) Company is paying for a group of us to go the All State and see Zig Ziglar and bunch of others speak on monday. Where are my boom sticks? Top guys get an all expense paid trip to Vegas in July for "training". "No wives, no girlfriends" type of "training".
3) Drank a beer this weekend that was 20% alcohol. I think it burned my throat. And then I drank another that was 20 years old. F'n amazing. Brewing later on today.
4) Boss took us out for beers today. It was crazy. 3 guiness and a shot of tequila later I'm on the el train home. It was only 6pm! On with the downward spiral into alcoholism...

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Skurny said...

hooray beer! I started drinking at 3pm and then went to the Rangers/Brewers game (Brewers: Obviously I love the nickname and the past-time)....I'm passing out