Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Keeps Getting Worse

As if wrestlers don't look bad enough.

"On July 2, 2007, it was reported that police believe Benoit used a modified version of his Crippler Crossface wrestling hold to strangle his son." - Wiki


More than just a testosterone supplement.

"Dr. Phil Astin, was arrested shortly after the murder-suicide for providing drug prescriptions "without medical need", and was reported to have provided Benoit with "a 10-month supply of steroids every three to four weeks", calling into question the legality and extent of Benoit's steroid use."


Skurny said...

Speaking of the WWE, The Greate Khali (I had to look up his name) was on my flight from Dallas to Atlanta today. Let's just say he's, um...FUCKING HUGE. Easily one of the largest human's I've ever seen. I felt bad because everyone was staring at him.

Brown Buddy said...

wouldn't a "modified version of the crippler crossface" simply be your arm around someone's neck?

Skurny said...

BB: I drove around Turner Field today and thought for sure it was a home playoff game because the stadium was empty!