Monday, July 2, 2007

Back at it Goals

1. Here's a snapshot of what my week looks like:
Monday: Dallas
Tuesday: Fly from DFW to Hotlanta (Braves are out west)
Wednesday: Fly ATL to Pittsburgh (Probably go to Pirates/Brewers in the afternoon)
Thursday: Fly from Pitt to Chicago

2. J.O.B....looks like I'll be at the bar Thursday night...JNichoPeteCoorsNeoConDBag: Doesn't look like I'm going to your Weekly Moonshiner Convention since I have some dinner plans...Let me know where the bar is and we'll figure it out...

3. Friday I'm going to Taste, first time back in about 6 years...Looking forward to it on one hand (Black Crowes) and not on the other (Large Crowds, stupid people, tourists)...either way, if anyone's down there, let me know.

4. I was going to go over some NHL Signings over the weekend, but I don't want to step on BB's toes...All I know is that Buffalo lost half their team.

5. Bonds is an all-star. Shit.


AngryWhiteMan said...

Not only is he an All-Star but he finished 3rd among outfielders. I thought people hated him. BS!

*crosses fingers* I hope Bonds has a career ending injury during the All-Star game.

Brown Buddy said...

Hasn't anyone else noticed that Daniel Briere wasn't a "franchise center" until the past 2 years? And Chris Drury, while a solid 2 way player for several years, was never the player he was until recently (past two seasons). The lesson? Plug speedy centers into Lindy Ruff's system, and the Sabres will be fine.

For you non-hockey fans, allow me to provide an NFL analogy. The Sabres offense is like the Denver Broncos offense. Their system is so effective, even Skurny could run for 1000 yards in the Broncos backfield (or score 30 goals on the Sabes front line)

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

...and still no one cares about hockey. You could have said half the Snuffalupaguses front line was gone and people would go, "really? Dang..."