Monday, July 2, 2007

Random Post. Goals, I guess.

1. My Cards might be 9 ½ out of first place but we aren’t done yet. A few key trades for pitchers and we’ll be right back in the picture.

2. I like the new Bobby. Anyone else?

3. I saw Shooter the other day starring Mark(y Mark) Wahlberg and to be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised. If you are thinking of renting an action movie, I highly recommend this one. Next on the list - Black Snake Moan. I just barely caught a clip of it but was that Christina Ricci that didn’t look like shit? Very surprising. And, anything w/ Samuel L. is pretty much a winner in my book.

4. Might sound fucked up but I really want to get back into wrestling. Thanks for killing your family, BenGay.

Boner Goal - List of other wrestlers to die at an early age - Mike Awesome?! Is this only surpising to me? Maybe I was into it a little too much.


Skurny said...

You're the 3rd person in three days who's said that same thing about Shooter...I thought it looked like a stinker...I guess I will check it out this week.

Brown Buddy said...

"a few key trades for pitchers"

right, because its just that simple. And kudos to Tony LaRussa for sticking with Anthony Reyes all year, killing any trade value he once had.

This is where Bobby Cox is the far superior manager. He has two major trading chips in Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Yunel Escobar- guys who could and should be playing every day. He gives them just enough at bats to keep them happy, but not enough to expose any flaws (frankly, I'm not so sure Saltalamacchia has any flaws to speak of, but thats a whole other column)

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Shooter was actually better than I thought it was going to be also. Saw it in the theater (because I see nearly everything in the theater =ing giant nerdboy) and walked out thinking, "this should make more money than it's making right now.

BTW Brown Buddy, I love every reference to Saltalmacchia. He currently holds the record for most letters in the last name of a major league ball player (according to league records via