Monday, July 2, 2007

Honka Espoo

1) Its no secret that I love finnish names. Saku Koivu, Teemu Sellanne, Sami Kapanen just to name a few. Now the NBA has its first finn, in Petteri Koponen, and I couldn't be happier. The only thing better than his name? His former team in Finland- the Honka Espoo Playboys. Or as I like to refer to them, My New Favorite Pro Sports Franchise. I will be following the Playboys for the rest of the year, and give you all constant updates. (I figure it will earn more attention and respect than you all currently give the NHL).

2) Its just a rumor at this point, but it appears that Andy Varejao could be signing an offer sheet from the Memphis Grizzlies this week. It will take 7 mil a year to keep him in Cleveland. I probably speak for the minority of Cavs fans here...but I have a hard time giving a nonstarter 7 million. But hey, this is the same franchise that once gave Robert Traylor 9 million, so I guess anything is possible.

3) Right...this makes sense...because I'm sure he could do much better than her...Are you F'ing kidding me!?

4) The closest Kwik E Mart in Chicago will be way on the south side, 67th street, I believe. Does anyone else get the impression that 7-11 doesn't really get the joke here? Or are they just being extremely ironic by embodying the very stereotype that a satirical sitcom like The Simpsons portrays them to be? I'm not giving corporate America credit for that...I'm sure someone just hung a check in front of them

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J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

I agree on Rushdie. Dude is truly bonkers. I think this is much more a reason to kill him than the Satanic Verses.

As far as 7-11 goes, they get the joke, but they also get that they can profit off of parodying themselves. Money talks and sometimes even laughs at you, but as long as you're collecting 'em, who cares?