Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Book, A Movie, Inbreeding and Smoking! Where are we? Alabama (minus the book)?

1. Started reading this last night, I'm sure BB owns a 1st Edition signed copy...either way, it's good. Although I can tell you, after 24o pages, I'll be done reading his snide remarks and probably have a few of my own.

2. Anyone else see the Simpsons this weekend? I saw it opening night at a raucous theater in Philadelphia, it was a lot of fun. I'm a huge Simpsons fan and one of my friends that I went with isn't...we both loved it. "STOP! That's my whipping hand!"

3. I blame inbreeding. (I'm righthanded)

4. So obviously most places in the world you can't smoke indoors (save: the South, various random islands in the South Pacific which don't have windows or doors anyway, etc). However, I am now enjoying the fruits of the Small Business Owner at our client site. I write to you all from my office in Scranton, PA sipping my coffee and having an early morning cigarette. I can almost feel my skin turning into leather. Welcome to Flavor Country.

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Brown Buddy said...

I actually don't own that book anymore, since it was in my bag that was stolen a month ago. It is in my all time top five...I love Klosterman. But I can definitely see you and him butting heads on certain topics.

If you like that one, I strongly recommend Fargo Rock City or IV (his new one...which is simply a compilation of all his interviews/profile pieces with Esquire Mag)