Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yo, Yo, Yo -- by J.O.B.

1) Been doing a lot of reading about Blackwater and I'm not sure whether to be more mad or scared. I knew private security firms existed, but I never knew it was at this level. These guys have an allegiance only to their employer, don't have to answer to anyone, and essentially are untouchable due to the nature of their government contracts. Thoughts/opinions?

2) Bourne Ultimatum opens on Friday and I am extremely excited. I expected nothing from the Bourne Identity, because I just couldn't see Damon as an action hero, and I came away impressed. Not only from his performance, but from the story and pacing of the movie, as well as the action sequences. The Bourne Supremacy was just as good, with Damon kicking more tail and the great addition of Joan Allen as what amounted to Chris Cooper's replacement. Now David Strathairn fills the Brian Cox void and I don't doubt this to be wonderful end to the trilogy. Why? Well, the producers have been the same throughout and Paul Greengrass is directing again (he did Supremacy.) I never read the books, and now don't know if I want to.

3) Am I crazy in thinking the White Sox need to go after Andruw Jones this off season? Do they try and get Adam Dunn? Marcus Giles? From what I've seen of impending free agents, there didn't look to be a standout starting pitcher, so I only see potential dice rolls with guys like Shawn Chacon, Matt Clement, or Victor Zambrano - or do they chase that other Zambrano?

4) Robert Downey Jr. is going to own as Tony Stark!


Brown Buddy said...

JOB- I'm all about Bourne Ultimatum...let me know if you want to catch it in the city, I could be down

As for Andruw...why not? He'll be expensive, but his .217 average won't command the 20 million we once thought he'd get. For 15 million or so, he's still expensive, but not a complete albatross. Plus, I would LOVE the opportunity to see him play anytime I wanted. He's one of my 5 favorite baseball players of all time (and no, they aren't all Braves)

Skurny said...

Bourne Ultimatum looks awesome, I'm glad Greengrass is directing this one also.

The thing I really liked about the first two and the reason I think they're great action movies is the directors/producers have realized that incredible car chases don't always end in explosions! I know, it seems like common sense, but rarely do you see car chases that are realistic (Ronin, French Connection, Bullit, etc).