Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1) Salty hits a 2 run single against the Indians. The Braves? Lets just say NEVER underestimate what one patient bat can do to a lineup. They sent 11 men to the plate in the first inning, and ended up scoring 12 total. And ohbytheway, Big Tex hit a 3 run dong, totaled 4 RBI's. I'm going to love this, not probably, EASILY the best lineup, top to bottom, that they've EVER had (and this includes the 2003 team, which scored over 900 runs, which hasn't been matched by an NL team since). Sorry kids, this aint your older brother's Braves...

2) This story will probably be bypassed by mainstream media, but it shouldn't. It might be a long time before you read about a bunch of rich old white dudes doing what is right, rather than doing what is profitable. They kept that team in Nashville (where the market completely sucks), out of loyalty, rather than sell to the rich Canadian, who had every intention on moving the team to Winnipeg (or Hamilton). I admit, I was actually rooting for them to move...but I have to admire that kind of loyalty. I strongly recommend you all read that article.

3) Have I discussed the Simpsons Movie yet?? I saw it Sunday afternoon- best movie I've seen this year. What did I like most? There were moments in that movie that I almost felt like crying...I identify with those characters that much. What did I like least? Mr. Burns is almost non-existent! How does that happen!?!

4) The numbers came out today. Of all the new people that started at my company since March, I'm #1 in billing...and its not even close. I don't even work that hard...I can't really explain it...well, maybe I can. AIU, for all its faults, teaches a salesperson how to deal with several types of personalities. A successful recruiter needs that kind of experience.

I never thought I'd ever give that place any credit...I'm going to go take a cold shower now


Skurny said...

Did someone give BB a refill on his "Kool-Aid"?

Brown Buddy said...

I think the place sucks, don't get me wrong. But it is definitely possible to take something positive from the experience.

Did any of you do the same???

I mean, I started writing a book about it...before my bag was stolen, and my notebooks with it