Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Drought Is Over! -- by J.O.B.

1) Poopgate is over! Naked Gun: Fully Unloaded was on display last night and pictures do exist. If someone wants to see pics of the rainmaker, comment and I'll put up a separate post with a couple of pictures. Of course today I'm back to crapping mini-pebbles, so a new poopgate is beginning!

2) Off to Michigan this weekend. The label owns a condo in Grand Haven and we're spending Saturday kickin' it in the M-I and then going to see a concert on Sunday.

3) Went to a party at the offices of Mr. Skin last night after the ending of Poopgate. Turns out Mr. Skin is a friend of a friend and now is a friend of mine ... Hangin' right off of Damen and North with everything from skanks, to models to people who just came from the office - I was thoroughly entertained. A guy I knew there totally blew his chance at taking 2 girls home. The one girl's boyfriend (who was cool with this going down) at some point set his camera down while helping a handicapped guy up the stairs and it disappeared. The ensuing search totally killed the potential, although my friend did go home with one of the girls ...

4) I've fully realized the power of tryptophan (the stuff that's in turkey that makes people sleepy.) So I've been taking a night time fat loss supplement that has tryptophan and I can't stay up for more than an hour aferwards. Seriously, if you ever have trouble sleeping, this stuff I'm using is great.

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