Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fontenot IS a beast

1) I agree with J.O.B 100%. Fontenot, and Theriot are beasts. So is DeRosa as much as I don't want to give him credit. These three guys have turned this team around and made them one of the best infields in the National League (yes I said that).

2) Maybe BB or J.O.B. can give us a little background on Fontenot. I know all three of those guys played at LSU together but I know Fontenot just started playing for the Cubs last month. I looked up and said "Why is the guy batting .370 batting 7th?" and the guy next to me said, "Oh we just got him last week", but he didn't know from where. I know it was from the minors but I'd like a little more info. Anybody?

3) I'm temping at a place where all the full time staff are young pretty women. Some times it's hard to stay focused. One guy I called today said, "Look Jeff I'd love to talk right now but I'm into google for a 1,000 shares and I'm trying to make some money." How'd he do?

4) And one of the craziest stories in sports right now. After last year's fiasco, the nerve of these guys pulling this shit is astounding.


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Theriot and Fontenot played together at LSU, DeRosa did not play with them. While DeRosa was an offseason pickup, Theriot and Fontenot are both straight out of the Cubs farm system.

Brown Buddy said...

Fontenot was actually in the Sosa trade...came from Baltimore.

DeRosa was drafted by the Braves out of UPenn...he was actually their QB for a couple years

Skurny said...

Thanks for the TWiB Notes.

I want to see a BB's "This Week in Baseball" feature