Thursday, July 12, 2007

Geronimoals -- by J.O.B.

1) I'm about half way through my 90 day get in shape program and I've currently dropped about 31lbs. I'll save you the dread of before and after photos, but let's just say that jeans I bought 3 months ago no longer fit, I've gained to loops in my belt and I'm actually seeing the top two of what could end up being my six pack. All in all, I'll have to say my program works.

2) Saw Live Free Or Die Harder Than You Ever Thought You Could Die Before last night. Very entertaining as an action movie, and Bruce Willis totally delivers. Roles like this are why he isn't dead yet. Wisecracking John McClane is same as always, but his wisecracking has appropriately aged with him as he mumbles to himself inaudibly after some of the hair-raising stuff that goes down. Of course, it's a big budget action movie so some of the events are entirely preposterous. Not the central plot and theme per se, but just certain things that happen. Basically Maggie Q starts off paying hacker nerds for hacker stuff and shortly thereafter the FBI realizes their system has been hacked. McClane is called in to go pick up the hacker nearest him, as he is a senior detective and this is a high ranking matter. Justin Long (Dodgeball, Accepted) is the goofball Mr. Anderson that McClane comes to get and just after he gets there the rain comes in the form of an assault team, obviously sent by Maggie Q. Gun and chase scenes ensue and we're under way.

Josh Duhamel uh, Timothy Olyphant is the leader of the bad guys and supposedly the greatest hacker in the world and he has a super nefarious plan with a believable motivation if you don't know a lot about computer hacking. One issue I had is that there were a number of times when one of Olyphant's guys would be having trouble doing some computer thing - either hacking or cracking a code, and yet Olyphant - th e super hacker - never steps in to do any work. He just barks orders and complains about their ineptitude. Outside of that it's basically a lot of Bruce Willis in situations in which you know he would have died if it was real life but you're willing to go for it because it's John effing McClane.

Reasonable enough story for a Die Hard movie, great special effects, lame bad guy, always funny Justin Long and Bruce Willis at his usual awesomeness level. So I say it's entertaining enough to see as a matinee or if you have a coupon, but not something you necessarily want to spring for at full price with a date.

3) Lots of filming of the next Batman movie downtown this week. I've seen a bunch of Gotham Police cars, trucks and other assorted equipment. Last night my buddy saw them film a crazy chase scene. I don't know about anyone else, but I like hanging around when stuff like this is going on. It's fun to watch the process in person and I've always been interested in acting, so it gives me a cool inside look.

4) Does Jnicho have a job yet or is he still doing the stay-at-home husband thing?


AngryWhiteMan said...

Are those the things I stick in my butt?

Brown Buddy said...

I've gotten Josh Duhamel and Tim Olyphant mixed up before too...or were you referencing that fact just now? I feel like it was on this blog when I did it too