Wednesday, July 11, 2007


1) You know you're over rated when you're own coach benches you during the all star game. Hearing about that kind of shit in the morning just makes my day.
2) Been watching the last 20 minutes of the Tour De France. Basically the finally sprint to the finish line. F'ing amazing. And talk about lean muscle mass. The average rider is 6' tall and weighs between 145 and 150lbs. Ridiculous.
3) Did anybody see this fight this past weekend? Totally missed it. And from what I understand he beat brewster with that hand all night long.
4) Realized I've drank easily 50-100 different kinds of domestic and imported beer over the last six months. And since most of us here don't believe in the classic "I like good beer that's why I drink bud lite"...I figured over a couple posts I can offer some real beauties that you can find in the store or at the local bar.
5) My baby picture

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