Tuesday, July 10, 2007

P.O'd -- by J.O.B.

1) I spent a good bit of time last night crafting a tremendous goals post only to get the "web page cannot be displayed" message when I hit "publish post." Upon using the back button, everything was gone. "I am Jack's beaten hard drive."

2) I know that pretty much everybody except me and Willie Mays hate Barry Bonds, but tough nuts to all of you. In the next few weeks, like him or not, Barry will pass Hank Aaron, if only for a few years until A-Rod (who most of you also hate) passes him. I understand, the guy allegedly took steroids and at the very least was a BALCO client who used the Cream and Clear either with or without knowledge of it's properties, and in our wonderful society is enough to convict him at least in the court of public opinion. However, let me say for the record that I think too much crap is on his head in this deal. He is on the hot seat because he happens to be the guy about to break a big record. If he was approaching his 500th homerun, he wouldn't be carrying the weight of it on his shoulders. Or maybe some random feat like, oh 350 wins... Mitchell Investigation? Try Bonds Investigation. There are two reasons I'm going to let Barry slide and cheer him on in the face of naysayers. One, my personal belief is that for a period of time after the '94 stoppage, I would say that only 30-40% of Major Leaguers were not taking some sort of steroid or growth hormone. Other than Giambi, who is being taken to task simply because he's too dumb to shut up, Bonds is carrying the weight of the actions of what 60-70% of the league did. Two, screw the owners and especially Bud Selig. They effing knew and no one cared. What was this guy supposed to do? Be like Frank Thomas and cry as everyone passed him on the HR list and fail into relative obscurity? People are just mad because Bonds is portrayed as being nasty to the media. Meanwhile, the media loves Curt Schilling so we get to hear his dick-headed opinion on every effing matter, whether it relates to him or not. Go Barry, I hope you hit 800.

3) If I knew that all it took to get Amy Jacobson to come over for a swim was to make Mrs. J.O.B. disappear, I would have made it happen! Kidding. Really, what was this chick thinking? There is no way she could have thought that a) no one would find out, and b) this was somehow defendable. How sure do you have to be that someone isn't a murderer to let your kids swim with him in his pool? Is there a Mr. Jacobson, cuz' if they weren't divorced before, they will be soon, and if they already are, she's probably losing custody.

4) Is anyone pysched to see Harry Potter And The Job In Human Resources? The kid is so old now they have to be telling tales of his Hogwarts post-graduate job searching right? I've heard this one is decent, but not as good as the others. A new director and new screenplay writer supposedly makes this one suffer a bit. I'll probably see it once it's been out a few weeks. I've liked previous ones, but I'm not in the target demographic and I've never read any of the books, so I'm not a die-hard or anything like that.


Brown Buddy said...

Believe it or not, I've softened my stance on Barry Bonds for just about the same reasons you have. I agree with you on everything...except that the "owners knew and didn't care".

I'm sure some of them knew...and I'm sure some of them cared. Sure, some didn't...but the point is, what the heck were they going to do about it? Culminating with the '94 strike, the players union was the most powerful players union in all of pro sports. The owners couldn't have done anything if they tried (and believe it or not they DID try, with steroids being officially banned around '93).

It wasn't until the owners finally took a hard line in negotiating the CBA in August of '02 that any mention of steroid legislation made its way into the agreement...and it was barely anything, only because they were too preoccupied with averting another work stoppage than to put anything of substance (no pun intended) into steroid legislation.

I actually give Selig credit for realizing how awful the legislation was, and changing it...twice.

Phil said...
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AngryWhiteMan said...

Fuck Barry. It's not the steroids (I absolutely agree that most of the league has been on juice.) but it's the fact that he is a conceded, whiney, baby.

I'm all for A-Rod. Regardless of who he has hit next to, his numbers are always solid. Very solid.


J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Eff that. If Congress wouldn't have come down on Selig, Bonds head would have exploded after his third 70 plus homer year in a row, Kyle Farnsworth would be throwing 135mph and Rafael Palmeiro would be nationally adored. The ban in '93 was a quiet way of avoiding blame down the road - they did nothing to support it, powerful union or not. Either a substance is banned and you test for it or it's not and you don't.

I do agree that some owners cared, but I simply miswrote it. Owners knew about it and looked the other way. Selig knew and now is trying to disavow knowledge because it's like a teacher that is found by the board to be knowingly let some students cheat on tests.