Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em -- by J.O.B.

1) Thanks to the bill passed Monday, as of January 1st, smoking will be banned in all public places in Illinois. This is the greatest news on the planet to date. Chicago was already scheduled to enact the ban in July of '08, but Illinois law not only supercedes Chicago law, pushing it up by 6 months, but also includes the whole state. Name the bar, club or restaurant in IL and it will be smoke free come 1/1/08. Happy days are here again!

2) Election '08 - can I just say I don't like any of these candidates. I can't really see how one person given a real shot to win is going to improve a single thing. Giuliani and McCain are just uninspiring and have too many holes in their platforms. Despite being credited for cleaning up NYC, Guiliani is despised by a lot of the city, most prominently by the firefighters there who believe he handled 9/11 horribly and they should know. If you can't run a city, you can't run a country. McCain seems a little to bi-partisan to be backed by the GOPers on the whole. On the Dem side, Edwards only has a shot to be competitive if he wins an early primary and even then, Clinton not only represents his liberal views better than he does, but has the best political strategist of the last 20 years on her team - her husband.

The hip picks on either side are Romney and Obama. Romney's made some great headway but can he downplay the Mormonism and the alleged flip-flopping enough to compete? Everyone knows Obama is greener than the Chicago River on St. Paddy's Day, and with us still stuck in Iraq, and tensions with everyone from Iran to Venezuela, there is no way a guy with as short a track record as his wins.

Even the expected to be entertaining Libertarian turned Republican Ron Paul is not very Libertarian on many of his stances when compared to the party platform. Ugh.

3) LiLo gets arrested again. Will someone put this chick in jail for a while? It's just frustrating. There are plenty of people that want to have the talent and acting career she has. She was a great child actress and successfully transitioning into adult roles. The girl is talented, but instead of being applauded for her work, she's more famous for the trouble she gets into. It takes some people forever to craft an acting career that can have longevity and success. She has it all in her hands and she's pissing it away. Lame.

4) Looks like the Cubs are going to take the second in a row from the Cards in as many nights. In case no one had noticed, Theriot and Fontenot can really friggin' hit.

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