Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What I'm Drinking

What I'm drinking

Goose Island IPA - My personal favorite beer at the Goose Island Brewery. Hoppy, creamy, and has a beautiful nose and almost 6% alcohol. I've found this running 5 to 6 bucks a pint or $8 for a six pack. Delicious with burgers and dogs, but exceptional with something spicy like a Indian or hot Mexican salsa.

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter - I'm not the biggest fan of "imperial" porter, but god damn this is good shit. This beer was made for and dedicated to the original "gonzo" author Hunter S. Thompson upon his death. And a 9.5% alcohol this beer will have you waking up with a biz "z" carved in your forehead in no time. $9 for four bottles.

What I'm Avoiding

Gluten free beer - sorry no link, because I'm pretty much lumping them all in. Avoid names like "redbridge" and "trailblazer". I've tried several of these "gluten free" styles and they all taste like paint thinner. yuck. If you have a gluten allergy, I say skip it, and enjoy vodka. that sh!t will get you fucked up a lot faster.


Brown Buddy said...

ok, maybe I should know this...but what is an IPA?

Skurny said...

India Pale Ale

jnicho5 said...

Sierra Nevada is a classic american IPA.

Try that one or the Goose Island. Muay excelente!