Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Switching Teams Release

As the only other hockey fan in this less than distinguished group, I have several points of reference.

First, I have numerous friends from College that are New York Knicks fans and with their franchise’s record over the past 5 years, we’ve had hundreds of conversations that revolve around the switching/divorcing/separating from a beloved sports team.

However, their reasons were much different than BB’s (Isaiah Thomas), which revolve around an attempt to assimilate more thoroughly in his community, rather than an asshole collapsing one of the most storied franchises in basketball history.

I approve of the switch for the following reasons:
1. East/West Conference: Montreal and Chicago are not rivals (other than each being members of the Original 6). They don’t even play in the same country, for that matter. It would be different if BB started rooting for the Leafs or something.
2. Bandwagon jumpers beware: Jumping ship on a better team to root for a team that’s been a cellar dweller since Ed Belfour moved to Florida and started drinking a gallon of Bourbon a day definitely throws out the question of the biggest sports sin ever: getting behind a team simply because they’re good.
3. I may need clarification on this: but I believe BB has lived in Chicago for upwards of three years now. It’s not a “I moved here in April and now I’m a Bulls fan! I can’t believe they drafted Noah either!” situation. Ask them if they remember Brad Sellers…I didn’t think so.
4. Finally, it’s the NHL…roughly 17 Americans actually care. Although I’d be careful if you EVER plan on going back up north to Canada. Some Canuck’s going to rip a slap shot through the windshield of your car while just screaming “HOSER TRADER AMERICAN TRASH SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE RULES”

So BB: Beware, you’re about to alienate the country of your birth and are about to hop on the cheapest NHL Owner today’s bandwagon. Something tells me it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

To you, I say good luck and go Red Wings.


Brown Buddy said...

Was the Verlander tag really necessary?

And I agree about the rivalry thing...even back in the original six days, I don't think they met even once in the finals.

Brown Buddy said...

I take that back, upon further research, they met in '31, '44, '65, '71, '73, and they SHOULD have met in '93, but the 'Hawks crapped the bed in the opening round against the Blues. For those of you too young to remember, this was probably the best Blackhawks team ever: Steve Larmer, Chelios, Roenicke, Goulet, Belfour in net....and they became the 2nd division winner to ever be swept in the first round.

Skurny said...

The Verlander tag was essential.

And that was an excellent 'Hawks team but check out the Blues' lineup:
Shanny, Hull, Janney, Duchesne, Miller, Housley, a YOUNG Petr Nedved and Cujo in net...those were some great series in the early/mid 90's