Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Switching Teams

So I've been thinking about it long and hard. I've decided that I'm going to seriously consider becoming a full fledged Chicago Blackhawks fan. Why? Well first of all, I really want to get 100% behind a local team. And second, I feel like if I do this now, when they suck balls, I won't be accused of being a bandwagon when they hoist the cup in three years behind Patrick Kane, Akim Aliu and Martin Havlat.

Now, does this mean I'm breaking up with the Montreal Canadiens? In a way, yes. Its the only way, really. I talked about this with my roommate (whom AWM thinks is a "nerd") and we both likened the situation to breaking up with a stable, attractive woman, who treats me well and is emotionally stable (if somewhat mediocre in bed), in order to begin dating an emotionally sensitive, highly unstable, artistic headcase. Sure, on the surface, people are asking me, "what the hell are you thinking", but what you don't realize is that I rarely see the stable woman, because she's always on the road for business (she comes to down once every two years, in fact), and the only people that care about her or even know her reside thousands of miles away in a remote Canadian province. In fact, people wonder how we even met in the first place!

Now, the crazy girl has tons of upside, despite her craziness, and I happen to firmly believe that her craziness is in direct correlation to years of neglect in her hometown. With the right amount of care and attention, she can realize her potential, and everyone will be complimenting me for buying in on a low stock.

So what does everyone think about this? I can't do this in good conscience without your blessing...especially Skurn, who is the lone hockey fan in the group, but also JOB who is the longest-tenured Chicago sports fan of the group (I won't allow myself admission into the club without his blessing in particular).

Now of course this doesn't mean I'm cutting off contact at all with the Habs. If anything, this is merely an amicable divorce, and we'll still see each other twice a month on weekends.

(By the way, the "mediocre in bed" analogy was referencing the fact that the Habs have been crapping the bed when it counts lately).

God I love comparing sports to women. Its just too easy...

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