Monday, July 23, 2007

The One Goal

1) There's just no way I can follow up this with anything else. My Alma Mater baby! The VP Jim Vick waited 20 years for the VP nodd, only to get fired 5 years later for this snafu.

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Skurny said...

Hey Jackass, how about you read a little? This was one of my goals from last week:

. Anyone else been following this story at Eastern Michigan? So the girl is from Hastings, which is near my hometown in Michigan and EMU is THE SCHOOL JNICHO GRADUATED FROM (I'm hesitant to use "Alma Mater" because I don't feel like listening to Dropout AWM bitch about it and link to seven dictionary sites disputing the use of the term). Either way, this guy is a dickhead and should be prosecuted if he covered anything up.