Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

1) May, and I emphasize the word may, have an interview in the next couple weeks with a 47 billion dollar company in a non-sales position. Its like a wet dream, some ghanja, the lotto, and the best dump I've ever taken all rolled into one. Ranked last year in the Fortune 10. Sh!t so serious I have to take a urine test before I start work. What am I talking about? I still have to get an interview.

2) May also have an interview doing back-end clean-up on broekrage trades for a regional bank. It may be in the 'burbs and that would suck. But its great to have a back-up. The only problem is that sometimes your back up moves quicker than your original plan and things get sticky. We'll see.

3) As much as I think the 2003 cubs team is a better team than this year's I can't help but think that this team has a better chance of going to the world series. How did this team pick up small ball so quickly?

4) Thoroughly disgusted with myself. Summer is more than half over and I have not gotten nearly as much bbq done as I had hoped. My salvation will be an indian summer which we've had for the last 3 or 4 years. Once September hits, things will slow down a bit and I might get a few weekends to myself and my smoker. On the agenda? Smoked trout, kahlua pig, and another crack at texas style...

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