Monday, July 16, 2007

What I'm Drinking

As promised the newest segment to this blog. Basically I've drank a lot of different beers since I started home brewing. Most of them good, some of them bad. Since I know Skurny, and BB enjoy a fine brew now and again and J.O.B. is always up for something new this would be a great thing for you guys to read, file back in your noggin' and then when you're at the store, or at a nice bar and you see one of these you can give it a try.

Note: I've backed up my talk with a link to so you can do your own research on a beer that you discover. Enjoy.

What I'm drinking:

1) Three Floyd's Pride & Joy - classified as a "mild ale" this beer is exactly that, "mild". But make no mistake at almost 5% alcohol the "mild" is in the flavor and not in its ability to get you drunk. Perfect with almost any grilled food, this is a classic summer ale that is meant to be enjoyed out doors with friends and family. About 7-8 bucks a six pack.

2) Delirium Tremens - right now my favorite beer to drink. Brewed in the classic style of the "belgian triple" it's like drinking a cross between champagne and sparkling cider. At 8.5% in the bottle and 9% on tap it doesn't take a lot to get the party going. Also one of the more expensive beers on the market. About $9 a pint at the bar. $9 for a 20 oz bottle or $14 buys you 4 12 oz bottles.

What I'm Avoiding:

3) Shiner Blonde - This is just piss water bottled and sold. Bud Light has more body and texture than this beer. The only possible way I would find this appealing is if I was doing road work, or lawn care in a desert. I found out this was brewed in Texas, so it only reinforces when I would have a taste for this skunk water. I don't even know if you can get this beer in chicago, so I don't have a price. But you're getting ripped off if they're charging you more than $5 for a six pack.

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