Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big News...update

I got fired!!! well, intentionally. What would you consider it if you go into your managers office and tell them to fire you? Don't worry, I did it right. Well, it's done. I'm so frickin relieved that you don't understand.

Backup plan... There is no backup plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jk, I have a job bartending at a pretty nice place downtown. What was that?!? Downtown?!?! Call me if you want to know where. My lease is up in 5 weeks and I plan on moving there also. Minorities everywhere !!!! damn it!!

The main reason why I'm doing all this is because a few buddies and myself are opening our own real estate company. <-- Don't forget this :-)

People think I'm crazy. Well, they can go fuck themselves!! *cue JOB's avatar*

Please read between the lines...I'm sure one of you might realize the opportunity that this creates.


Brown Buddy said...

So the Angry White Man era is over at AIU. Does this mean that there are no more white people left there? Is that you wanted us to deduce "between the lines"?

Seriously though, congrats...you won't miss that place.

So does this mean you'll whine less?

Whoa...I just realized that none of work there anymore...truly an end of an era

BBeadle said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!!! Proud of you for leaving that place!!! Good luck on the real estate company.
I guess there isn't anyone left there at all.
E-mail sometime to catch up.
Keep moving forward! This will be the best thing you ever did! :)