Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Feeeel GOOD! -- by J.O.B.

1) James Brown has all kinds of kids ... he listed six in his will, although there is no info on how much they got - but it's being disputed. Over a DOZEN people have come forward to get DNA tests to see if the Godfather Of Soul is the father of them and three have actually been proven legit, which gives him a total of nine. This doesn't count James Brown II, a six year old who's mother was a back-up singer for Brown and possibly wife #4.

2) I don't ever want to catch a record setting baseball. Word is that the guy who caught #756 is putting it up for sale. Besides the fact that a half mil is a nice come up, the moment Matt Murphy caught Bonds blast, the federal government saw it as income and taxable at a rate of 35% of what they value the ball at - which was around $600k. That means the tax he'd have to come up with just to own a ball that landed in his hands is around $210K. No thank you.

3) Thank goodness for high friends in high places. My friend the model (I'll just call him "Hansel" for simplicity) has gotten some increased "responsibilites," like making sure the other models are up in the morning, that have boosted the money he'll make over two years to about half a mil. Well, now Hansel is close to having them buying into the possibility that I help him keep his life together - I basically do act as his personal advisor anyway - and that I need to be brought on staff in some capability. I'd probably be looking at about 40% of what Hansel makes if it goes down and my basic duty would be to hang out with him on the road so he doesn't go crazy. Nothing is for sure yet, but that could change soon.

4) I am back to writing quite a bit. I've had some ideas for movies that I've been kicking around for years and I'm finally starting to put some effort into it. With Hansel angling to turn the modeling thing into an acting thing, as well as possessing the talent to do it, he's been pushing me to get back on top of my skill. I've written short scripts before and know the format for writing screenplays and all. Considering it's not even in the works right now, I'm as familiar with the story as I am with the story of my life, and Hansel is the perfect fit for the role, I'm putting together a script for Captain America. I know how I want to tell not only that, but a sequel as well.


Brown Buddy said...

Should we start calling you Turtle or Drama? Seriously...I'm all about "keeping it real" but if this really does go down, and your payrolled for being a "personal advisor", how do you answer those who will inevitably accuse you of being a hanger-on or a lackey? Not being a dick, I'm just curious. And I'm not accusing you of either...since I don't really know this guy, nor your relationship with him.

I mean, shit...if you can make 40% of half a mil...more power to ya. If I were in that position, I'd be all over it. But expect some dissenting opinions on that one...just curious as to what your response would be

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

My response to any dissenter is simple: "Go eff yourself." What type of prideful f-tard would turn down that situation to continue slaving in a cubicle farm?

In all honesty, I'm going to end up being more his Ari Gold than Turtle or Drama. I actually have better Cali connections than he has, but in the meantime, how could I not just fly the world, hang out with my best friend and get paid? Famous people that don't open the door to success for at least one friend from before their fame most likely where the kids that smelled funny and wore the same clothes 4 times a week.