Wednesday, August 22, 2007


1) I know I'm about to catch heat for this one, but last night I went to Duffy's in Lakeview for the Bar1 Big Break finals (totally self-serving American Idol ripoff, with a substantially lesser 1st prize, 15 Grand). My reason for attending? Our ol' buddy Mike Mercadante was in the finals. He got a little too drunk for his rendition of "My Love" by JT, but I thought he did great. The gal that ended up winning was good, but get this- she was a former backup singer for R. Kelly, and has a record coming out already. Shouldn't this be an amateur competition? Just didn't seem fair to me. I give Merc credit for being the ONLY one of the five finalists to really take a chance in the last he did a country song (and did it quite well, I might add). Ok this is gay, I'm going to stop there.

2) Plans are underway for Oktoberfest '07, tentatively scheduled for September 29th (a Saturday). Skurny may want to circle that date. And Nicho, is it possible to smoke bratwurst? And is it good?? Test that out this weekend and let me know. I know you don't have any other plans...

3) "They saw my intensity! Aint no way they're gonna dog me again this year!" Thats the best movie quote I could think of to apply to that story. If anyone has anything better, feel free to share...

4) The closest thing yet to the Jose Offerman video. Time lapse photos. Why does no video of this exist yet?? If one does surface, it will be the most anticipated YouTube link since Ronald Jenkees last opus.

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