Monday, August 20, 2007

Squirrel Innards -- by J.O.B.

1) Seriously, I'm going to go on a limb and say this is the best Monday Night Football group I've seen in a while. Tirico, Kornheiser and Jaws. Can we get these guys all year? Kornheiser has great stories, but for some reason, he can only recall and tell them when prompted, so Tirico is a necessary evil. Considering most Monday night games are over by the early third quarter, TK's wild ramblings are necessary for the last hour and a half. Jaws is a much more valuable analyst than Theismann if you ask me so there it is.

2) Somebody better post on it today: I'm kind of upset Vick is pleading guilty. I would have rather he tried to fight it and gotten a longer sentence. Of course, the state can still pursue charges (and Virginia wants to,) and Vick will go to a medium security prison, which is a level in which all the scary crap you hear about happening in prison happens, but I fear that he'll serve 12 months, give a big mea culpa with dollar donations and such and by the 2009 season he'll be starting in Houston or Tampa Bay. Hopefully some of his new friends in lockdown are already preparing a rape stand for him somewhat like he used on some of the dogs he owned.

3) Despite the loss today, I will go on record as saying that maybe I stand corrected when it comes to the NL Central in reaction to Soriano going down. Not necessarily on the Cubs who have been a less than stellar 5-9 since their leadoff man got hurt (including that game,) but the Brewers, who have gone 3-10 in the same period. I was sure the Cubs would struggle to even go .500 (right there,) but I was just as sure the Brewers wouldn't play as poor (way wrong) during the same stretch. The ERA of Cubs starters hasn't been pretty lately, but since that isn't where I expected them to falter, I see that righting itself before the Brewers can solve what ails them. Alfonso is now expected back before the 1st of September and although he isn't going to lower the ERA of the staff, he'll definitley provide some more pop in the lineup. Alright, I'm officially on the Cubs bandwagon to make the playoffs this year.

4) Lil' J.O.B. learned how to crawl out of her crib this past week. If she was about six months older, it'd be time for a "big girl bed" but the little midget is too small to understand the concept of staying in bed once we put her there, so I'm sure we'd just find her passed out on her floor every morning, exhausted from playing in the dark. Or else she'd just get up and pound on her bedroom door till I scared her into going to sleep by having Mrs. J.O.B. swing the door open wildly while I beat a live squirrel with a bat right in front of her door. After crawling out 3 times in two days, I'm looking at crib tents mostly because Mrs. J.O.B. doesn't want squirrel guts on her carpet. Whatever.


Brown Buddy said...

Couldn't agree more on the Monday Night its been in years. Thank God no more "great players make great plays" Theismann. Jaworski adds a level of insight that you just don't see anymore. For example, after Grossman botched a snap, Jaworski was right there noting that his hands had separated underneath the center, which the coaches, and probably Grossman himself would see on game tape, and would easily correct. Why do I feel like Theismann would have added something like "young players make young mistakes" or some crap?

J.ust O.ver B.roke said...

Theismann would most likely start regaling stories of when he played, which would lead to yet another showing of LT ending a career that probably would have been subpar at the end of the day anyway. That's the only upside to Theismann being in the booth - the possibility that at any moment they can go to that clip and have it be relevant.